Project goals and aims

Three women wearing hijabs and laughing.

Our research team collaborated with the Office of Women's Health to come up with these five fundamental aims for the toolkit:

Aim 1 : Describe the experiences and resulting service needs of women who have undergone FGM/C.

Aim 2 : Describe the services rendered by direct service providers currently assisting women who have experienced FGM/C.

Aim 3 : Determine direct service providers' challenges in working with women who have experienced FGM/C.

Aim 4 : Describe the perceptions and experiences of direct service providers to meet the health and social service needs of FGM/C survivors and young females at risk for FGM/C.

Aim 5 : Develop and evaluate a toolkit for health care and social service providers to effectively communicate with women who have experienced FGM/C and young females at risk for FGM/C.