Educational Toolkits


Toolkit for FGM/C Survivors

FGM/C survivors can use this toolkit for health information about FGM/C, discussions about FGM/C with their healthcare provider, and other educational resources.

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Toolkit for Health Care Providers

Health care providers can use this toolkit for evidence-based information about FGM/C, risk assessments, and communication guidelines to provide better care to FGM/C survivors.

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Toolkit for Community Members

Community organizations working to prevent and treat FGM/C can use this toolkit for better evidence-based advocacy and capacity building around this topic.

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An estimated 513,000 girls and women in the U.S. have undergone or are at risk of being subjected to FGM/C    


- Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, 2016

Our Priorities

 Cultural Sensitivity

Tools that promote intercultural awareness and empower women and healthcare providers 


Advocacy and policy resources to increase awareness about the health effects of FGM/C


Evidence-based resources and information organized in easily accessible educational toolkits



Stakeholders across the Washington D.C. area with the mission to provide evidence-based resources


Promoting community engagement toward primary and secondary prevention of FGM/C


Tools to promote effective communication and accessibility between healthcare providers and women